January Match Results

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Matches were postponed this month due to adverse weather but scheduled to resume from Tuesday 31st January. Any further updates will be posted here.

Sunday 8th January 2023

Today's individual results.

1st Andy Amos peg 11 54lb 13
2nd Rich O’Connor peg 27 42lb 1
3rd Martin Wedley peg 9 41lb
4th Ian Hayes peg 13 33lb 9
5th Lawrence Titchiner peg 29 33lb 1
6th Steve Halliwell peg 25lb 14
7th Simon Knibbs peg 19 24lb 15
8th Kevin Fletcher peg 17 21lb 1

Saturday 7th January 2023 Final Results Autumn League

Well done all, thank you for your continued support.

Thursday Rover - 5th January 2023

Well done all who fished today's Rover, 11 fished, great weights guys.

1st Andy Amos is peg 9 50lb 8
2nd Jack Williams peg 11 46lb 11
3rd Richard O’Connor peg 5 44lb 17
4th Jus Westbrook peg 23 36lb
5th Kevin Fletcher peg 31 34lb 2
6th Terry Evans peg 21 28lb 8

Bank Holiday Monday - 2nd January 2023

Well done all who fished today, it was a tad cold for sure. 16 fished, sun was an issue on the high banks, flat, calm, lots of rain over the last few days doesn't help; Good weights considering guys.

1st Dave Edwards peg 9 33lb 15
2nd John Farley peg 11 31lb 8
3rd Barry Davies peg 3 26lb 3
4th Martin Carr peg 31 23lb 14
5th Kelvin Hughes peg 21 21lb 11
6th Kevin Fletcher peg 13 19lb 12