May Match Results

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Bank Holiday Monday - 30th May 2023

Well done all who fished today on a warm 1 πŸ˜‚

1st Martin Wedley peg 21 79lb 2 win
2nd Barry Davies peg 22 55lb 2nd
3rd Barry Gabriel peg 13 48lb section
4th David Howard peg 9 42lb 5
5th Michael Sedgwick peg 19 40lb 15 section
6th Mark Mealing peg 25 40lb 2 section

Sunday Open - 29th May 2023

Well done all who fished today was a tad warm πŸ˜‚.

1st Ty Woods peg 11 70lb 5 lake win
2nd Martin Wedley peg 7 61lb 8 sec
3rd Michael Sedgwick peg 5 58lb 8
4th Barry Davies peg 3 32lb 8
5th Terry Windsor peg 15 28lb 4 sec

Tuesday Open - 23rd May 2023

Well done all who fished today’s open was a tad windy πŸ˜‚ good weights Kelly and Barry. Hopefully the spawning is done now, no matches now until the weekend.I’m giving the fish some rest time.

1st Kelvin Hughes peg 7 39lb 10
2nd Barry Davies peg 9 34lb 14
3rd James Woodcock peg 24 22lb 15
4th Shaun Sandham peg 27 22lb 14
5th Julian Tatton peg 1 22lb 10
6th Fred Moore peg 31 21lb 10

Sunday Open - 21st May 2023

Well done all who fished today a nice sunny 🌞 warm one, fish in spawning mode so great weights considering guys.

1st Deio Williams peg 25 62lb 12 meat over micros
2nd Brian Probert peg 1 35lb 1 pellets
3rd Rhys peg 24 32lb 9
4th Barry Davies peg 17 31lb 5 pellets
5th David Howard peg 3 22lb 2 pellets

Thursday Open - 18th May 2023

Well done all who fished today on a sunny, windy one.

1st Samuel Kennedy peg 7 41lb 1
2nd Terry Evans peg 29 34lb 4
3rd Barry Davies peg 3 29 lb 14
4th Terry Windsor peg 1 27lb 8
5th James Woodcock peg 32 25lb 14
6th Dave Evans peg 18 23lb 8

Sunday 14th May 2023

Well done all who fished today on a glorious sunny hot one.

1st Rob Dickinson peg 3 54lb 1
2nd Mark Davis peg 2 52lb
3rd Jeff Grantham peg 13 44lb
4th Lee Saville peg 9 40lb 15
5th Lez Wilks peg 14 35lb 4

DRAGON OF THE NORTH - Qualifying Round 1

Sunday 14th May 2023

1st Deio Williams peg 22 43lb 5
2nd Richard Oconnor peg 29 41lb 4
3rd Mike Woodham eg 17 37lb 5

Thursday 11th May 2023

Well we had all weathers today, sunny rain & a proper thunderstorm. Well done all who fished in those conditions. 5oz different from pool 1 & pool 2.

1st Barry Davies peg 21 75lb 9
2nd Andy Amos peg 13 75lb 4
3rd James Woodcock peg 31 49lb 4
4th Charlie Gladwyn peg 5 41lb 9
5th David Evans peg 24 40lb 1

Tuesday 9th May 2023

Well done all who fished todays Rover it was a tad wet & windy. Brilliant weights as they're now spawning πŸ’₯

1st David Howard peg 3 77lb 5
2nd Martin Wedley peg 21 71lb 1
3rd Daniel Jenkins peg 13 55lb 11
4th Ian Hayes peg 5 54lb 6
5th Barry Davies peg 24 49lb 4
6th James Woodcock peg 19 45lb 4
7th Brian Probert peg 27 41lb 1
8th Mark Davies peg 1 40lb 12

Sunday 7th May 2023

Well done to all those who fished todays open. The fish are starting to have a go with the warm weather - the sooner they’ve spawned, the better. πŸ’₯

1st Ty Woods peg 31 109lb 3
2nd Rob Dickinson peg 19 68lb 1
3rd Mike Woodham peg 13 67lb 12
4th Richard Oconnor peg 1 66lb 10
5th Michael Sedgwick peg 9 56lb 7
6th Barry Gabriel peg 25 54lb 14
7th Jeff Grantham peg 27 53lb 2
8th Rhys Owain Edwards peg 29 52lb 6

Thursday 4th May 2023

Just shows, a change in the weather can make it tough on the bank. Well done to all who fished in those conditions, was a tad windy. Much calmer Saturday.

1st Neil Jones peg 2 46lb
2nd David Evans peg 9 29lb 7
3rd Alan Jones peg 7 25lb 2

Spring Bank Holiday Monday 1st May 2023

Well done all who fished today.

1st Barry Davies peg 1 90lb 9 - 30 fish, well done πŸ‘
2nd Martin Wedley peg 21 71lb 13
3rd Mark Davies peg 11 54lb 13
4th Jason Davies peg 5 41lb 9