July Match Results

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Sunday 30th July 2023 - Dragon of the North - Round 5

Results for dragon of the North today:

Congratulations 🏆 Winner and qualifying was:
Lawrence Titchiner With. 62 lb peg 21
Section winners: Colin Doran with 53 lb 5 oz peg 18
Rob Palmer with 57 lb 2 oz peg 30

Thursday Open - 27th July 2023

Match results from today.

1st Barry Davies 73 lb 9oz peg 31
2nd Paul Mantle 62 lb 02 oz peg 24
3rd Shaun Sandham 39 lb 12 oz peg 25

Tuesday Open - 25th July 2023

Match results from today:

1st place Terry Windsor 64lb 15oz
2nd place Barry Davies 64lb 5oz

James's Friday Evening Farewell Match - 21st July 2023

Well done all who fished my last evening match at Stamford, it was emotional guys, thank you so much for all your support over the last 4 yrs. I did shed a tear if I’m honest 😢. I hope you’ll all continue to support the Bowen family moving forward. Once again guys. thank you so much.

1st James Woodcock peg 13 78lb 7
2nd Billy Devaney peg 1 39lb 7
3rd Simon Knibbs peg 5 30lb 13

Sunday Maggot Open - 16th July 2023

Well done all who fished our maggot open today. It was too windy really. I thank you all for helping remove another 500-600 smalls, that’s over 1000 out this week.

1st Terry Windsor peg 7 11lb 1
2nd Kev Billingsley peg 16 10lb 1
3rd Euan Luke peg 6 5lb 7
4th Kelvin Hughes peg 2 5lb 5

Thursday Rover - 13th July 2023

Well done all who fished our rover today, good battle with Steve, well done mate.

1st James Woodcock peg 31 101lb 8
2nd Steve Halliwell peg 30 86lb 2
3rd Shaun Sandham peg 21 65lb 8
4th Barry Davies peg 25 59lb 10
5th wynne fewster peg 19 45lb 14
6th Terry Windsor peg peg 24 36lb

Tuesday Rover - 11th July 2023

Well done all who fished todays rover.

1st James Woodcock peg 31 93lb 4
2nd Barry Davies peg 25 67lb 3
3rd Andy Amos peg 17 60lb 3
4th Terry Windsor peg 21 56lb 5

Sunday Open - 9th July 2023

Well done who fished our open today, that storm wasn’t nice that’s for sure lads.

1st Barry Davies peg 24 76lb 1
2nd Shaun Sandham peg 22 52lb
3rd Paul Mantel peg 20 49 lb 2
4th Euan Luke peg 25 48lb 13

Thursday Rover - 6th July 2023

Well done all who fished today's rover on a wind affected one. New lake record on pool 2 well done Andy.

1st Andy Amos peg 19 116 7
2nd Terry Evans peg 24 64lb 3
3rd Barry Davies peg 31 60 10
4th James Woodcock peg25 56lb 3
5th Mike Woodham peg 17 53lb 3

Tuesday Rover - 4th July 2023

Well done all who fished our rover today.

1st Ian Simpson peg 25 115lb 2
2nd James Woodcock peg 31 103lb 11
3rd Barry Davies peg 21 52lb 8
4th Shaun Sandham peg 27 46lb
5th Kev Billingsley peg 24 43lb 5
6th Terry Windsor peg 17 43lb 2